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Employees of the Year 12.13

Mary Avdienko, 1st Grade Teacher, Certificated Employee of the Year

     Mary has served Pioneer as a parent, as a parent leader, as an extraordinary teacher, and as an effective teacher leader, joining the Pioneer Family when it opened to the public.  In all four of the capacities in which she served Pioneer, she came with much experience and knowledge.  Those that know Mary share she is highly collaborative.  She builds strong, long-lasting relationships with peers, students, and parents.  Mary is also described as being incredibly patient and kind.  Lastly, it was shared that Mary can make anyone feel good, regardless of the news.

     As a parent, Mary continues to work collaboratively with her children's teachers.  As a teacher herself, she understands the importance of the partnership between the teacher, the parent, and the student.  Mary has been described as having a keen ability of knowing when to be an advocate for her children and when to let her children solve their own issues.

     As a parent leader, Mary served as the Parents Club President, setting a foundation of expectations through the clarity of their mission; to serve the students of Pioneer.

     As a teacher, Mary has been nominated for Teacher of the Year for the last 5 consecutive years.  She has graciously oscillated between teaching 1st and 3rd grade at Pioneer, but could honestly teach effectively at any grade level.  Mary has been described as one of the hardest working and most dedicated teachers known.  She comes in early, stays late, and works almost every weekend.  She is always looking for opportunities to develop professionally and is always looking even harder for ways to share what she's learned.  To her students, Mary is a true advocate.  She is always willing to accept any type of student and treats all of her students equally and with respect.  Mary makes sure every student feels successful and sets them up for success.  She truly believes in every one of her students, focusing on their strengths and capabalities, continuously reminding them to believe in themselves.

     And as a teacher leader, we simply would have imploded as a site without her support with Illuminate!  In addition to this, she has served on many critical committees including our Site Leadership Team and our Character Education Committee.  Mary is highly organized and brings creative ideas to the table.  She is always willing to take on new challenges for the benefit of the school, even if it means more work for her.

     For these qualities and more, Mary was selected by her peers as Pioneer's Certificated Employee of the Year for 2012/2013.

Maribeth Boettcher, Special Education Aide, Classified Employee of the Year

     Maribeth is a teacher at heart, regardless of the current title she holds in her position.  Maribeth has served our District and our school as a Special Education Aide for several years, but she brings with her over 10 years of experience as a classroom teacher in New Jersey.  That right there should give her adequate "street cred."  Because of her experience, she is able to provide an extensive amount of support to the students she serves as well as the staff she supports.

     Whether it's working with a student or a staff member, it is evident that she clearly enjoys what she does.  Maribeth absolutely loves working with children.  She is extremely dedicated and child-centered.  She has an unparalleled passion for the students she directly serves as well as an incredible ability to assist all students as they learn to respect others and be tolerant of differences.

     Working with Maribeth is like having a second teacher in the classroom.  She quickly learns all of the classroom routines, procedures, and expectations, and is able to reinforce all of those on a daily basis with all students.  Maribeth's knowledge comes from the experience she's had as well as her professional development.  She has received formal training in several areas, including ABA, CPI, and Sensory Integration.

     Maribeth's energy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude is unmatched by anyone.  Whenever she is seen on campus, she always has a smile on her face and something positive to say.  One of her most valuable assets is her sense of humor.

     For these qualities and more, Maribeth was selected by her peers as our Classified Employee of the Year for 2012/2013.





Mary Avdienko
1st Grade Teacher
Maribeth Boettcher
Special Education Aide