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Employees of the Year 15.16

Juliet Simens, 4th Grade Teacher, District Certificated Employee of the Year

Juliet is currently a 4th grade teacher at Pioneer Elementary School.  A district employee for 15 years, she has also taught 1st and 3rd grades.  Juliet is the type of teacher who takes every opportunity to receive additional training that will help her students succeed.  She has been a leader in piloting new programs like Reading Wonders, and was an early user of chrome books in her classroom.  She has served on both site and district committees, such as the school Leadership Team, the district Academic Vocabulary committee and the district Technology Advisory Committee.  Besides using all of this learning to support her students, Juliet is a constant collaborator and supporter of her peers as they, too, work with new materials and strategies.  She also has accepted student teachers into her room, providing guidance and support.  Juliet truly cares about each and every student that comes in to her class and wants what is best for them.

Elnora Wilmer, Special Ed. Aide, Pioneer's Classified Employee of the Year

Elnora has been working for Pioneer Elementary for five years in various capacities. She has served in our SSC program under the direction of Staci King and Debbie Ramirez. She has helped successfully mainstream many students. Elnora takes any opportunity to receive additional training. She is NCI/CPI, ABA, and DTT trained. She also has taken on-line classes and earned Special Education certificates. 

From the moment Elnora walks in the door, she is setting up binders, preparing for her sessions, and making sure that she does every possible thing to ensure student success. If you saw her work with any student, you would say, “that must be her favorite student” because she puts 1000% into every interaction with every student. Students love her because even when she is firm, she is positive and treats every student with love.    

You will often find Elnora at Pioneer after her work hours have been completed helping prepare materials for the classroom teacher or brainstorming new strategies to help her students. Not only is Elnora a great asset to our school she is also an active member of our community. Elnora served as a Girl Scout Troop Treasurer and helped in the warehouse to deliver cookies. She has also volunteered in her daughter’s school to provide math support.  

Elnora is well respected and liked by her peers. She always takes a minute to talk to new staff or substitutes and makes them feel welcome. If you look at Elnora’s shoes, you will notice that they are bright, fun, and unique. That is Elnora’s personality too. She has a spark of energy that brightens everyone’s day. 

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