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Employees of the Year 16.17

Renee Eaton, 2nd Grade Teacher, Pioneer's Certificated Employee of the Year

This is Renee’s 13th year of teaching kindergarten through second grade. She has served on various committees including Read Across America, School Climate, District Math, C&I Assessment, and Science.  Her ability to write grants and receive so many wonderful donations that benefit her students has been a tremendous gift to all who are in her class. Through Donor’s Choose she has been granted iPods, Chromebooks, art supplies, book bags to take books back and forth to school, Scholastic News, and Math and Science Centers. Renee also assisted many other teachers in writing grants that led to additional resources for their classroom.

Renee majored in Sociology and History/Literature for her Bachelor’s degree, obtained her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, and has earned a Master’s Degree. She is a life-long learner who takes any opportunity to receive additional training that will help her students succeed. Renee attends after school meetings on Close Reading, Illuminate, Academic Vocabulary, and Assessments. She has attended countless webinars to learn more about technology, ELA, and math. Renee has also attended numerous CTA conferences and educational blogs, not to mention her enormous library filled with all types of professional and personal interest books. She does these things to continually increase student learning and achievement.

First and foremont Renee believes that every student can grow and learn and partnering with the student and family is the key. Renee believes it is her job to give them tools, encouragement, and structure to help them become twenty-first century learners. One way to do that is to provide a tool called Seesaw which is a digital portfolio where students can actively show their work through pictures, videos, and words. She also utilizes Blooms webpage as a mode of communication for families so that they can know what is happening and can ask questions with their child. Her main focus is reading as it is the key to everything. She herself is a lifelong learner that reads for fun and learning. Renee also strongly believes in problem solving and relationships. She provides a caring classroom and practices kindness weekly. Renee’s class is the secret “Kind Kids” and have done 100 acts of kindness for the month of February. Her students are exposed to technology at home and she wants to harness that natural engagement with technology to make learning so fun that they don’t realize they are actually learning. Teachers report that they are in awe of her teaching style and abilities.  She goes above and beyond her duties to make her classroom fun and her learning environment amazing for her students.   

Renee is an exemplary teacher. You will often find her researching STEM and technology tools and strategies to integrate into her ELA/Math lesson plans. She will perfect the strategy within her classroom and then will share with others through staff meetings, grade level conversations, or during lunch time talk. Renee will continue to provide support to others as they master the strategy within their own classroom. Renee piloted and introduced Reflex Math to our staff which has increased math fluency scores throughout the school.

Renee has volunteered at various Pioneer events over the years like the Fall Fest, Bingo Night, and Read Across America. She has also volunteered throughout the community through Brentwood Community Chest, Turkey Trot, making costumes for musical performances, and being the co-chairperson for fundraising for the Brentwood Childrens Ballet Company. During all these events she has spent a lot of time interacting with other families and finding ways to future support the students of BUSD.

Jaime Zuniga, Custodian, Pioneer's Classified Employee of the Year

Before coming Brentwood, Jaime worked in the construction business for over 12 years. Jaime has been working for our district since 2015. He has worked as a substitute in the areas of custodial, grounds and maintenance. Jaime has been a Night Custodian at Pioneer since the spring of 2015. Jamie is very knowledgeable and has a tremendous skill set. There is never a task that is too difficult and he tackles any issues head on. He is a hard worker and very dedicated to the job.  Jamie is very resourceful and uses his past experience to take care of his responsibilities. He manages his time effectively and takes initiative on tasks.

Jaime truly puts the students first in all he does. His main objective is to ensure that the facilities are safe, clean, and ready for students and staff to use. Jaime understands the demands of the job and jumps right in to resolve any issues that arise. He’s helped train substitute custodians providing his expertise and support. Parents and staff have often commented how impressed they are with Jaime and his dedication to Pioneer.

Jaime doesn’t wait to be asked to help, but rather steps in when he sees a need; he is there to assist. He is always looking for ways to improve in how he carries out his duties. If there is an evening event at the school, Jaime makes himself available to assist and often volunteers to stay beyond his hours. He is the first to volunteer when he hears that someone needs help whether it’s at school or at the district. If there is an event at the school, Jaime will often come before his shift starts to assist his co-workers.

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