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Employees of the Year 17.18

Angela Sisney, 2nd Grade Teacher, Pioneer's Certificated Employee of the Year

Angela is extremely knowledgeable and is an outstanding teacher.  She is our EL coordinator for 2nd grade and is also the designated EL teacher for her grade level.  Angela has taught at Pioneer for 3 years and brings with her a vast amount of experience.  Prior to Pioneer she was a teacher/instructional coach in Texas for a number of years. 

Angela works well with students of diverse abilities and has a passion for teaching.  She is constantly refining her teaching craft, and is very reflective and keeps up with current best practices. 

She has helped organize donations for Houston during their time of need, and regularly attends school community engagement events.  She is always a contributing member of our staff meetings/trainings.  Angela works well with other staff members and is always working to improve as a profession. 

Angela works well above and beyond what is expected and is always willing to help.  Her students are well prepared, loved and lucky to have such a talented teacher!

Danyel Bell, SpEd Aide, Pioneer's Classified Employee of the Year

Danyel is very good working with all students.  She is especially skilled working with the population of students that are in our SCLC program here on campus.  She knows how to work with a variety of students and can be counted on by many of her colleagues to jump in and provide assistance whenever needed.  Danyel is a model instructional aide and is a team player.

Danyel is one of our most dedicated employees.  She is rarely absent, but more than that when she is here, she gives more than 100%.  Danyel is assigned to the SCLC classroom and then goes to a general education classroom where she serves as classroom support.  In the SCLC setting, Danyel runs small groups, and helps maintain and manage behaviors of a variety of students based on their individual behavior plans.

Danyel is highly respected by her colleagues and all of the teachers she works with.  Many of her colleagues use her as a resource as she is a wealth of knowledge! Danyel consults with a number of Teachers, Special Education Teachers and other Instructional Aides throughout her day.

Congratulations to Danyel for being chosen as Pioneer's Classified Employee of the Year- a well deserved honor!


Sisney, Angela
Bell, Danyell